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True Catalyst 5X4 Junior Goalie Skates

True Catalyst 5X4 Junior Goalie Skates

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Step up your game with the True Catalyst 5X4 Junior Goalie Skates, designed for goalies seeking superior performance and durability. The NEUROFIT injection-molded nylon composite shell provides an exceptional fit, ensuring stability and support during quick movements. Upgrade to the True Catalyst 5X4 Junior Goalie Skates for a combination of power, durability, and comfort, giving you the confidence to dominate the crease.



The NEUROFIT Injection Molded Nylon Composite Shell ensures a superior fit, stability, and support for quick, agile movements.

Stainless Steel Rivets

Stainless Steel Rivets provide enhanced durability, allowing the skates to withstand the demands of intense play over time.


The Postlock feature delivers ultimate power during push-offs, enhancing your performance in critical situations.

Lightweight Laminated Tongue

Offers an improved fit and comfort, ensuring your feet stay comfortable throughout the game.

Clarino Liner

Improves foot lock and repels moisture, keeping your feet dry and secure.

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