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No one knows equipment like Skater’s Edge Source For Sports®. Our owners and employees are not sales people; they’re experts who know how to put players and goalies in the right equipment at the right price. We use it, we test it, we learn about it.

  • We Know The Gear

    If you have a question, you’ll never get a blank stare. Instead, you’ll get answers and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you're just starting out and price conscious, or your looking for the latest professional products, our knowledge of hockey products, a range of price options, and supplementary services like on site sharpening, will make a all the difference. You can rest assured, each time you walk into Skater’s Edge Source For Sports®, you’ll walk out with the right equipment for you.

  • We Know Our Customers

    Every person who walks through our doors has a different sports goal. Our strength is providing the best customer service and advice to help you achieve your objectives at an appropriate price. Many of our employees have been with Skater’s Source For Sports® for years, and chances are, you’ll even find the owner working the floor. That’s how we get to know our customers, it’s how we build trust, and it’s how we’re different from other national chain stores.

  • We Know Community

    Skater’s Edge Source For Sports® has been locally owned and independently operated for since 1987. That’s why you’ll find us supporting community events, helping with fundraising, volunteering as coaches and promoting healthy, active living in Northern Ontario. We’re proud to be from the north, and we believe playing an active role in the local community is where we belong.

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The Art & Science Of Hockey Equipment Featuring The CCM Tacks Hockey Skate

The Art & Science of Hockey Equipment

At Skater's Edge in Sudbury, Canada we understand that safety is an essential part of playing hockey. We carry a wide range of top quality equipment from trusted brands like Bauer and CCM including helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves and more. Our selection offers Canadian families like yours the protection they need to stay safe on the ice while still looking their best. Stop by today to check out our gear or shop online for all your hockey equipment needs.

  • Hockey Skates

    If you are looking for top quality hockey skates, look no further than Skater's Edge in Sudbury, Canada.

    We carry a wide selection of Bauer and CCM Tacks hockey skates to fit your specific needs. Whether you want new or used skates, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect pair for your game.

    Our goal is to make sure that every Canadian family can look and feel their best on the ice with reliable skating equipment from trusted names like Bauer and CCM.

    Stop by today to check out our amazing selection or shop hockey skates online.

  • Hockey Sticks

    There's a lot of science that goes into making a great hockey stick, from materials to shape to feel, the right hockey stick should fit like an extension of the player’s body, allowing them to make accurate passes and shots with ease.

    Skater's Edge in Sudbury, Canada offers a wide selection of hockey sticks from top skating manufacturers like Bauer and Sport Maska Inc (CCM). We carry a variety of stick models, lengths, colors and weight options so that each Canadian family can find the perfect stick for their game. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right stick for your style of play, so stop by today to check out our amazing selection of hockey sticks at multiple price points, or shop our hockey sticks online.

  • Skate Sharpening

    Keeping hockey skates sharp is an essential part of maintaining optimal performance on the ice.

    Dull blades can reduce the efficiency of a player’s strides, cause discomfort, and create instability when skating.

    Skater's Edge in Sudbury, Canada is proud to provide a reliable source for on-site skate sharpening service at a great price so you can be sure your skates match your level of play.