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CCM Tacks EFLEX 6.9 Junior Goalie Skates

CCM Tacks EFLEX 6.9 Junior Goalie Skates

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The CCM Tacks EFLEX 6.9 Junior Goalie Skates are designed for elite performance. Utilizing a higher-density, monoframe design and improved ankle flexibility, these skates provide superior comfort and enhanced energy transfer while the power-bonded geometry increases stiffness and power. The result is precision, control and comfort for elite goalies.


One Piece Boot

Provides goalies with more direct energy transfer and a closer fit, resulting in more powerful movements and enhanced control on the ice.

Stiffness: 170

Features a lightweight, stiff, and thermoformable core that enhances skating performance by providing excellent support and stability.

Molded Lace-Bite Protection

The 7mm felt tongue includes added foam for increased comfort and protection, preventing lace bite and ensuring a snug fit.

Molded CCM Ortholite

Provides ultra-lightweight comfort and superior support, utilizing recycled EVA foam for eco-friendly cushioning and fit.

Speedblade XSG 10F27

Offers a long-lasting edge for sustained performance, with a new 10F27 profile that encourages a forward-leaning goalie stance, improving balance and agility in the crease.

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