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CCM Super Tacks X Senior Hockey Helmet

CCM Super Tacks X Senior Hockey Helmet

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The Super Tacks X with NEST Tech is the next evolution in hockey helmet tech, designed for critical protection and peak performance.

The SUPER TACKS X hockey helmet is a marvel of innovation. Its continuous fit liner was engineered using state-of-the-art 3D printed Nest Tech technology throughout the helmet, keeping your head cool so you can maintain peak performance all game long. With elite level protection and comfort, you'll turn heads at every faceoff.


NEST Tech Continuous Fit Liner

Utilizes advanced 3D printed technology throughout the helmet to enhance airflow and keep your head cool during gameplay.

Elite-Level Protection

Offers superior protection to safeguard against impacts, ensuring safety on the ice.

Peak Performance

Designed to optimize performance with a focus on comfort and reducing distractions during play.

Sleek Design

Features a low-profile design that combines aesthetics with functionality, enhancing both style and performance.

Adjustable Fit System

Allows for easy, tool-free adjustments at the back of the helmet, ensuring a customized and snug fit for maximum comfort and safety.

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