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CCM Tacks 720 Senior Hockey Helmet (2023)

CCM Tacks 720 Senior Hockey Helmet (2023)

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The next generation of helmet technology is now moving down the line of CCM helmets...

Introducing the all-new Tacks 720 helmet, born from the revolutionary success of the super tacks x helmet. Research has demonstrated that cool temperature on the head aids in improved performance. Now, this benefit can extend to competitive levels too! Players can experience a lighter and cooler feeling than ever and play their best game with unbeatable protection.


The CCM Tacks 720 Senior Hockey Helmet (2023) is designed to keep you cool during intense game play. This advanced helmet features CCM's Aer-Tec Thermoregulation system which provides superior air circulation and sweat evaporation for rapid heat regulation, helping you stay focused and perform at your best.


Engineered for the most elite level of play, the CCM Tacks 720 Senior Hockey Helmet provides superior protection with its combination of multi-density foams and D3O smart material in key areas to absorb and disperse impact energy. Enjoy top-tier safety and comfort with this 2023 model.


Aer-Tec Thermoregulation system powered by Nest Tech and ventilation channels keep the airflow optimized as you play, so that you stay focused and perform your best every shift.


Redesigned wraparound comfort fit with no gaps in coverage, a tool-free adjustment on the sides for custom fit and an improved I.Q.SHION DRI sweat management system so nothing gets in the way of your play.


  • COMFORT: AER-TEC THERMOREGULATION SYSTEM WITH NEST TECH + I.Q.SHION DRI. Innovative AER-TEC VENTILATION SYSTEM powered by NEST TECH and channels allow max airflow and keep your head cool and comfortable. New and improved I.Q.SHION DRI will not retain extra sweat at the forehead.
  • PROTECTION: NEST TECH + D3O + MULTI-DENSITY FOAM. Elite-level protection from combination of 3D printed NEST TECH in key areas plus rate sensitive D3O Smart Material and quality foams to help distribute impact energy.
  • ADJUSTMENT: ACTIVE STABILIZER AND TOOL-FREE ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM. Self-adjusting occipital support cushion and an easy front-to-back side adjustment provide a customized snug fit that stays in place.
  • SHELL: OPTIMIZED AESTHETICS AND REINFORCED SIDE IMPACT FRAME. A pro-approved look with structure stiffness on the sides for added protection.
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