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Brian's Iconik X Senior Goalie Catcher

Brian's Iconik X Senior Goalie Catcher

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Introducing the Brian's Iconik X Senior Goalie Catcher (regular hand), meticulously engineered to provide goaltenders with unmatched protection, performance, and comfort. Built with innovative features and premium materials, this catcher redefines the standards of goalie equipment, offering superior functionality and reliability.


BRI-CORE Reinforced Cuff

The cuff of the Iconik X glove is reinforced with Brian's BRI-CORE, an ultra-lightweight, triaxle carbon-fiber composite that maintains its shape and pop better than injection-molded plastics.

Double T Web

The wide Double T web maximizes pocket depth and volume, providing goaltenders with superior catching capabilities.

Game Ready Nash Palm

The Iconik X glove features a smooth, game-ready closure with Brian's Game Ready palm padding and a soft Nash palm.

Hex-Air Floating Inner Cuff

Lined with soft Synthetic suede, the Hex-Air Cuff offers a luxurious feel with a confident, moisture-resistant grip.

ATOP Smart Dial Strapping System

The ATOP System tightens small, high-strength cables to secure the wrist, click by click, offering a perfect fit that won't slip during a game or wear out after a heavy season.

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