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Brian's Iconik X Senior Goalie Blocker

Brian's Iconik X Senior Goalie Blocker

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Introducing the Brian's ICONIK X Senior Goalie Blocker, meticulously engineered to provide goaltenders with unparalleled control, comfort, and protection. Crafted with premium materials and innovative design features, this blocker redefines the standards of goalie equipment, offering superior functionality and reliability on the ice.


JenPro Material

The ICONIK X blocker features Brian's JenPro external material, known for its durability and reliability that lasts season after season.

Redesigned Blocker Board

The redesigned squared blocker board, now ultra-lightweight with enhanced balance, promotes a neutral hand position and optimal maneuverability for goalies.

Nash Palm

The palm of the ICONIK blocker is made of Nash material, offering excellent comfort and grip to help goaltenders maintain control of their stick during intense gameplay.


The one-piece cuff features an open design for enhanced mobility, prioritizing comfort without compromising on protection.

Hand Protection

Padded fixed fingers offer solid coverage and protection, particularly in the paddle-down position, ensuring goaltenders can confidently defend the net. 

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