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Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Intermediate Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Intermediate Hockey Stick

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The Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Intermediate Hockey Stick is perfect for competitive players who demand the best from their equipment. Designed with advanced technologies and top-of-the-line features, this stick offers exceptional control, accuracy, and power, giving you the edge you need to excel on the ice. With its combination of advanced technologies, lightweight construction, and superior performance features, this stick is designed to help you achieve pro-level play. 


High-Quality Carbon Fiber Construction

The lightweight design enables swift, precise movements, making it ideal for experienced players seeking an optimal balance of power and control.

HP Mold Construction

This technology streamlines the stick for a 5% quicker puck release and enhances recoil speed. 

XE Taper Technology

Featuring an ultra-low kick point, the XE Taper technology improves accuracy and control when shooting. 

Energy Core 3 Blade Core

Maximizes puck feel and control, making the stick highly responsive for receiving passes and executing precise plays. 

Optimal Puck Feel and Lightning-Fast Shots

The stick's construction provides an excellent feel for the puck, enabling lightning-fast shots and superior stickhandling. 

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