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Bauer Vapor X4 Intermediate Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor X4 Intermediate Hockey Stick

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Blade Pattern

This Bauer Vapor X4 Intermediate Hockey Stick is designed for intermediate level hockey players, featuring a hybrid kick-point to gain explosive power while maintaining precision accuracy. A blend of carbon fibers and a tactile grip further enhance the feel of the stick.

Experience unparalleled performance and versatility with the Bauer Vapor X4 Hockey Stick. Made with ultra-durable carbon fiber, the X4 offers exceptional strength and responsiveness, giving you is a balanced feel with every touch of the puck. Perfect for players of all levels with its groundbreaking features.


  • Level: Performance
  • Weight: 425g
  • Taper tech: IE taper technology
  • Kick Point: low
  • Shaft Shape: round
  • Shaft Technology: UD carbon, HP mold
  • Blade Technology: energy core 2, 15k carbon
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