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Warrior Alpha LX Pro Senior Stick

Warrior Alpha LX Pro Senior Stick

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Blade Pattern

The Warrior Alpha LX Pro Stick delivers a devastatingly versatile shot release that is extra easy-to-load, all in a featherlight (380 grams in 85 flex) package. Thanks to the most advanced and elite R.L.C. 188 construction and materials, the LX Pro is even more durable and resistant to flex fatigue than ever before.

The blade has also been revamped in order to also maintain longevity and strength for the long haul. The FuelCore Ultra features robust carbon supports and extra reinforced blade edges that accomplish this without compromising weight or feedback in the least bit.

Driving the shot release versatility in the LX Pro is the Sabre Taper II. Through data analysis, Warrior was able to not only speed up the shot release but it also provides better torsional stability for accuracy on big shots too.


FuelCore Ultra Blade
Featherlight polymer construction with two reinforcement ribs and a tougher edge that improve accuracy, durability and longevity. The Minimus Carbon 25 wrap removes weight without compromising puck feel or strength too
Saper Taper II
Exclusive taper shape that provides torsional strength needed for a quick, powerful and accurate shot release. It is even easier to load than before, making it even easier to rip shots with too.
Minimus Carbon UD
Unidirectional carbon fiber reduces weight and improves durability significantly better than traditional entry-level carbon fiber.
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