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Warrior EVO Pro Lacrosse Arm Guards

Warrior EVO Pro Lacrosse Arm Guards

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Warrior Fatboy Next Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

The Warrior Fatboy Next Lacrosse Shoulder Pads are designed for optimal performance and protection on the lacrosse field. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, these shoulder pads provide the comfort and security you need during intense gameplay.


9-piece Construction

The Warrior Fatboy Next shoulder pads boast a specialized attack-length, 9-piece construction, including the Cage FLX system that allows for better flexibility and a form-fitting comfort that enhances your overall playing experience.

Impax High-Density Foam

Experience low-profile impact protection in crucial areas along the top side of the arm, thanks to the incorporation of Impax high-density foam. 

No Slip Gel Print

The Warrior Fatboy Next features a no-slip gel print that keeps your arm protection securely in place, preventing unwanted sliding and ensuring maximum focus on the game.

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