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Vaughn V10 Junior Goalie Chest Protector

Vaughn V10 Junior Goalie Chest Protector

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The Vaughn V10 Junior Goalie Chest Protector is meticulously engineered to provide young goaltenders with optimal protection, comfort, and mobility. It incorporates advanced features to enhance coverage and flexibility, ensuring that junior players are well-equipped to handle the demands of the game.


Expanded Coverage Area

The chest protector is designed to offer a wider coverage area, effectively shielding the torso from high-impact shots.

Vertical Adjustment System

Allows for vertical adjustments to ensure a snug and secure fit, enhancing mobility and protection.

Large Shoulder Floaters with HD Foam

The large shoulder floaters are padded with high-density foam to provide robust protection against impacts.

Arm Floaters with Deeper Side Profile

The arm floaters feature a deeper side profile, expanding the protective coverage area to guard against shots and collisions.

Arm Floaters with Middle Bar Pad

The arm floaters include a middle bar pad in the center seam for added stability and protection, ensuring that the arms are well-guarded.

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