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True Project X Intermediate Goalie Stick

True Project X Intermediate Goalie Stick

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Weighing in at 555 grams for the Senior version, True has pushed the boundaries of their elite design and construction technologies to present their lightest goalie stick to date—the limited-edition True Project X Goalie Stick.

Tailored for dynamic goalies who actively engage in playing the puck, the Project X is meticulously developed to elevate shooting performance and enhance puck control. True's variable stiffness construction strategically varies the composite and resin stiffness across the entire stick, significantly improving stick flex under load and optimizing energy transfer throughout the shaft. To fortify the paddle, True incorporates the Vibration Suppression System (VSS) to absorb and disperse harsh impacts, enhancing long-term durability and paddle rebound control.

The Braided Aramid Tech construction empowers goalies with a stronger yet ultra-lightweight blade that complements the Project X’s shooting-optimized flex profile. Beyond stick design innovation, True's advanced RESFLO construction process focuses on resin flow to minimize imperfections, resulting in a superior, consistently laminated product. As a result, the Project X feels responsive and highly durable in hand, delivering an unmatched flex and feel.

True's commitment to advanced design and construction processes ensures that their goalie sticks outperform expectations from design to production and every moment defending the crease. Constructed with True’s patented AXENIC manufacturing process, the Project X's one-piece design and advanced construction processes deliver an elite goalie stick characterized by unmatched consistency, precision-optimized balance, improved control, and a professional-grade feel. Not just focused on performance enhancement, the Precision Laminate Design (PLD) optimizes each ply of laminate to minimize internal shear, enhancing durability and response without adding excess weight.

Engineered to enhance loading and energy transfer, the Project X stick employs True's advanced INVRT Flex Technology 4-point flex profile. True's innovative INVRT design technology complements the goalie's bottom hand position with a confident grip and a powerful flex profile precisely optimized to channel maximum energy into the puck. To further boost shooting power and accuracy, Strategic Rib Technology reinforces impact points throughout the blade, stabilizing the blade structure on impact and ensuring smooth energy transfer.

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