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True HZRDUS 7X4 Senior Goalie Catcher

True HZRDUS 7X4 Senior Goalie Catcher

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The HZRDUS 7X4 Catcher is engineered for better rebound control and ease of closure when catching and controlling the puck. This design combines fit, comfort, and performance in a game-ready, off-the-shelf package. The HZRDUS 7X4 Catcher is ideal for competitive goalies looking to take their performance to the next level with superior protection and ultimate reliability when making glove saves.



The SUREGRIP ensures exceptional grip and comfort during intense gameplay. 

Index Protection

Its straight index protection offers robust shielding, allowing you to deflect pucks with precision and ease. 

Cuff Options

The catcher provides a 590 cuff design for traditional feel and excellent coverage, enhancing your ability to catch and control pucks.

Single Tee Pocket 

The Single T offers a deep and responsive pocket for secure catches and easy puck retrieval.

Webbing Straps

The webbing straps allow for customizable fit and secure fastening, ensuring the catcher stays in place during intense gameplay.

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