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True HZERDUS 5X Senior Hockey Skate (2023)

True HZERDUS 5X Senior Hockey Skate (2023)

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The 2023 HZRDUS 5X player skate features a one-piece shell design with a stiffer shell rating combined with a standard felt tongue for added comfort and durability. By incorporating many of the same great features found within the premium models, the HZRDUS 5X offers an unmatched fit and elite performance benefits unlike any other entry-level skate on the market. Free Shipping!


5X Steel Runners

The True HZERDUS 5X Senior Hockey Skate features a reinforced 5X steel runner to provide maximum stability and edge control for superior performance.

5X Holder System

The 5X holder system provides great stride power and the lightweight aluminum chassis ensures quick cuts and turns.

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