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Top Shelf Targets

Top Shelf Targets 4 X 6" Magnetic Shooting Targets

Top Shelf Targets 4 X 6" Magnetic Shooting Targets

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Elevate your shooting experience with Top Shelf Targets 6" Magnetic Shooting Targets – a set designed to take your aim to new heights.

These are the #1 shooting targets on the market!


  • Targets magnetically attach to any metal hockey or lacrosse net with Super-strong Neodymium Magnets
  • Shatterproof tested makes them incredibly durable
  • Approved for use in freezing and very hot weather.  -23 C to 50 C

How to use

Grab a target, find the magnetic side and touch it against any metal net. Secures in seconds. Easy to carry, setup and take down.

Increase shooting accuracy

A study has shown that there is a 28.3% increase in shooting accuracy in 3 weeks. Great training tool for all skills and levels. 


This set includes four lime green precision-crafted targets, each measuring 6 inches in diameter. The orange targets pictured are the 8 inch targets. Sold separately.

Attach, Shoot and Score!

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