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ToeHook for Goalies

ToeHook for Goalies

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The ToeHook for Goalies is a revolutionary new product that simplifies the process of securing goal pads to skates. It replaces the lace-up system, fitting both wide and narrow skates and most goal pad models. The durable design offers more secure fastening than the traditional lacing system, helping goalies stay focused on the game.

Throw away those laces!
No more inconsistent, messy laces to contend with. ToeHook is the same every time you put it on.

Instant On, Instant Off
Most juniors will be able to attach their pads by themselves. Seniors will find less back and hip strain attaching their pads by using ToeHook.

No Alterations to Most Pads or Skates
ToeHook fits nicely on most pads, using the holes vacated by those messy laces. The elastic extension can be secured to any make of goal or regular skate.

Built to Take a Beating
ToeHook is made of 14-gauge stainless steel to resist bending. It is then coated with nylon to resist friction and wear during use. Heavy Duty elastic cord and tie wraps hold up to a goaltender’s best saves.

Stretches to 3.5 Inches
Butterfly goalies to standup goalies will find that the ToeHook stretches only when needed. Great feel and control are there for you, every time you wear the ToeHook.

Buy it Now
Each package includes 2 ToeHooks, 4 elastic extensions, assorted screws, ties and instructions.

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