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Rawlings High Visibility Youth Softball Fielders Mask

Rawlings High Visibility Youth Softball Fielders Mask

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The Rawlings High Visibility Youth Softball Fielder's Mask combines enhanced visibility, premium materials, and comfortable fit, making it an ideal choice for young softball players seeking reliable protection on the field.


Added Visibility

Features a larger viewing window that provides 20% improved visibility compared to traditional facemasks, enhancing the player’s field of view and awareness.

Premium Material

Constructed from bent wire stainless steel, offering robust protection that players can rely on during gameplay.

Enhanced Fit & Comfort

Equipped with adjustable chin and forehead padding, this mask ensures superior comfort and a secure fit. 

Split Strap System

The split strap system secures the guard without feeling overly tight and is designed to accommodate ponytails, providing additional comfort and flexibility for young athletes.

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