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Nami Ringette

Nami Pursuit 2.0 Junior Ringette Stick

Nami Pursuit 2.0 Junior Ringette Stick

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The Nami Pursuit 2.0 Junior Ringette Stick is crafted to provide agility and precision on the ice. Constructed with a composite material, this stick offers a flexible shaft tailored for young players' hands, ensuring optimal size and weight for accurate shots. Finished with a white tip, it enhances the striking surface for improved performance.


40 Flex 

Offers the perfect balance for achieving accurate shots.

Lightweight Composite Shaft.


Designed to be quick and agile, enhancing player performance.

Weight: 310 grams

Provides a lightweight feel for effortless handling on the ice.

Height: 114cm

Optimal height for junior players, ensuring comfortable gameplay.

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