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Mizuno Wave Finch Lightrevo Women's Molded Softball Cleat

Mizuno Wave Finch Lightrevo Women's Molded Softball Cleat

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Crafted with insights from Jennie Finch herself, the latest Mizuno Finch Wave LightRevo boasts a versatile TPU molded cleat design suitable for all field types. Its EVA midsole ensures elevated comfort and durability. Plus, equipped with Mizuno Wave technology, it minimizes pressure while enhancing stability during dynamic movements on the diamond.


TPU Outsole

The innovative rib construction of the C-Flex Outsole combines enhanced stability, flexibility, and traction, all while reducing stud pressure for unparalleled comfort during extended gameplay.

Mizuno Wave

The MIZUNO WAVE plate diffuses impact energy over a wider surface area, ensuring both stability and superior cushioning.

CREW 21 Sustainability

Mizuno Crew 21 is Mizuno's commitment to global sustainability that they guarantee with every product. 


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