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M3 Senior Goalie Stick - Left Hand

M3 Senior Goalie Stick - Left Hand

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The Warrior M3 Pro Senior Goalie Stick is tailored for goalies seeking a high-performance stick that offers a combination of lightweight construction, quick release capabilities, and enhanced control. This stick is engineered to meet the demands of competitive play, ensuring goalies can perform at their best.


Asymmetrical Shaft Geometry

This unique shaft design provides an ergonomic fit for the hand, enhancing grip and control while reducing fatigue during play.

Minimus Carbon 12

Utilizes high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber material, which contributes to the stick's overall lightweight feel and durability.

Low Kick Point

The stick's construction focuses on a low kick point, which facilitates quick release for both shooting and passing, making it easier to clear the puck or make precise passes.

Quick Release

Designed to enable fast and efficient shooting and passing, allowing goalies to quickly react and make plays.

SlideGrip Technology

Enhances grip on the shaft, providing better control and stability, particularly important for maintaining stick positioning during gameplay.

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