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Knapper AK7 Ball Hockey Gloves

Knapper AK7 Ball Hockey Gloves

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With the AK7 Gloves, Knapper has set a new gold standard in ball hockey gear. From the unparalleled ventilated Nash synthetical leather palm, heightened with grip-microfiber reinforcement, to the unparalleled backhand shield, every element echoes supreme craftsmanship. In the world of ball hockey, there are gloves, and then there is the AK7 by Knapper. Wearing them is not just a choice; it's a declaration of one's commitment to unmatched excellence and victory.


Tight Fitted Design

Immaculate tight-fitted anatomical design for an unmatched on-rink experience.

Dual Density Foam

Ultimate defense with dual density foam combined with high-density polyethylene insertions, pushing the boundaries of protection.

Backhand Shield

Peerless backhand shield, meticulously engineered for maximal protection paired with optimal air circulation.

Nash Synthetical Leather Palm

Cutting-edge ventilated Nash synthetical leather palm, accentuated with grip-microfiber reinforcement, offers unrivaled command and longevity.

FLEX Wrist Cuff

Groundbreaking FLEX Wrist cuff, mounted on lycra, redefines wrist safety, ensuring unyielding protection that moves with you.
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