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Knapper AK5 Ball Hockey Elbow Sleeves

Knapper AK5 Ball Hockey Elbow Sleeves

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Every move in ball hockey counts, and with Knapper’s Ball Hockey Elbow Sleeves, you’re not only equipped but also empowered. We understand the strains and stresses of the game, which is why we’ve crafted these sleeves with articulated EVA padding, specifically for your arm. Slide, dive, or guard - do it all knowing that your elbows have the best protection in the game.


Designed with Polyester/Spandex

Snugly designed using Polyester/Spandex, guaranteeing maximum comfort and the ideal fit.

Silicone Elastic Band

Incorporates a silicone elastic band at the top for unparalleled hold, ensuring the sleeve remains in place throughout the game.

EVA Padding

Features articulated EVA padding specifically tailored for elbow protection.
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