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Knapper AK3 Ball Hockey Gloves

Knapper AK3 Ball Hockey Gloves

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Every detail of the AK3 Gloves echoes Knapper's relentless pursuit of excellence. The innovative wrist protecting flap, anchored by elastic bands, brings a new dimension of protection without compromising agility. This glove isn't just about playing ball hockey; it's about experiencing it, feeling it, and leading it. Positioned gracefully between the foundational AK2 and the elite AK5 and AK7, the AK3 is the choice for those who know that in ball hockey, every touch counts.


Tight Fitted Design

Tight fitted anatomical design delivers enhanced dexterity, giving you an edge in every move.

Nash Synthetical Leather

Trusted Nash synthetical leather palm, ensuring optimum grip and lasting performance.

Wrist Protecting Flaps

Unique wrist protecting flap, expertly mounted on elastic bands, promises unparalleled safety and agility.
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