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CCM Tacks XF Pro Hockey Pants Youth

CCM Tacks XF Pro Hockey Pants Youth

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The CCM Tacks XF Pro Hockey Pants Youth are engineered to provide young hockey players with top-tier protection, durability, and comfort, ensuring they can perform at their best while staying cool and well-protected on the ice. These pants are ideal for competitive youth players who demand high performance and reliable protection from their gear. Available online or in-store at Skater's Edge Source for Sports.


AER-TEC Ventilation

This technology ensures enhanced air flow, keeping players cool and comfortable throughout the game with vent ports that allow heat and moisture to escape more efficiently.

Max Coverage Profile Fit

The pants are designed to provide a comprehensive fit that maximizes protection while maintaining mobility and comfort.

400D Nylon

Constructed from 400D nylon with reinforced zones on the front and rear panels for added durability and abrasion resistance.

JDP Molded Hip Guard with D3O

JDP (Joint Discharge Principle) technology combined with D3O foam in key sections to absorb and dissipate impact forces, providing elite-level protection to the hips.

Tailbone Protection

D3O Zero spine guard works in conjunction with the tailbone pad to offer full coverage and enhanced protection to the lower back and spine.

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