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CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Junior Hockey Stick (2022)

CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Junior Hockey Stick (2022)

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Your journey to reach the next level of play is never-ending, prompting you to stay ahead by being fitter, swifter, and more astute than your competitors - devoting both mornings and evenings to training on the ice without pause.

For over a century, CCM has stayed committed to their mantra: ALL OUT. All the time. Through rigorous design improvements, endless testing, and hours of collaboration with elite athletes, CCM has ensured their gear will provide the necessary confidence to strive for greatness. out.

The current hockey world calls for innovative and improved equipment, and CCM Tacks is proud to present the AS-V Pro Junior Hockey Stick. This powerhouse of a stick, with its new shaft geometry for improved gripping and loading, provides more energy for wrist shots. Our Sigma STP Carbon Weave and Nanolite Carbon Layering create the most balanced Tacks stick ever, while still maintaining superior durability. The AS-V Pro sticks to the modern game, delivering unmatched power.


The new Tacks AS-V Pro stick has a transition from tacks' traditional t-shape geometry at the top of the shaft to a rounder v-shape in the middle. This new V-shaped geometry assists loading the stick for increased shot power, improves accuracy and ball control, and provides an ergonomic grip for the player's lower hand.


Specifically designed with the hockey player in mind, Sigmatex's new carbon weave enhances strength and durability compared to the prior generation, while optimizing the stick's weight distribution for a more balanced feel.


The AS-V Pro Junior Hockey Stick features cutting-edge carbon layering technology, delivering superior strength in an incredibly lightweight package.


The mid-section of the Tacks AS-V Pro shaft is softer than before, boosting energy storage when loading up the stick. Its modern mid kickpoint has been designed to maximize wrist shot performance, offering shooters higher levels of puck speed and accuracy than ever before.


  • Kick Point - MODERN MID KICKPOINT. Still using a softer mid-section to ensure maximum energy storage when loading the stick, our new modern mid kickpoint has now been optimized for wrist shots, providing aggressive shooters with even more puck speed and consistency than before.
  • Taper Technology - SKELETON +. Manufacturing technology found in the taper area which provides better reliability in key moments of the game.
  • Shaft Technology - NANOLITE CARBON LAYERING. High-performance carbon layering technology which creates a stick that’s both incredibly light and incredibly strong.
  • Shaft Geometry - VARIABLE “V” GEOMETRY. New shaft geometry allowing for an easier and consistent loading of the stick to help increase wrist shot power. It’s shape transition along the shaft ensures maximum comfort and grip.
  • Blade - ACUFEEL 2 BLADE WITH PEEL-PLY. 2nd generation ACUFEEL blade now with Sigma STP to further improve durability. Still softer to maximize shot speed and puck feel.
  • Grip - SUPERFAST MICROFEEL. Graphic-integrated raised grip on mid-section of the shaft to ensure perfect stick control.
  • Material - Sigma STP Spread Tow shaft and blade.
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