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CCM Ribcor 84K Senior Hockey Stick (2022)

CCM Ribcor 84K Senior Hockey Stick (2022)

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The CCM Ribcor 84K Senior Hockey Stick (2022) is an elite-level hockey stick that is designed to provide maximum power with every shot. It features a low kick point and a short loading period, making it ideal for players who want to get off quick and hard shots. Its gradual decrease in stiffness in the bottom of the shaft further enhances loading and recoil, enabling players to take their game to the next level. ALL OUT. All the time.


  • Curve - P29
  • Flex - 85
  • Kick Point – LOW KICKPOINT. Engineered low-Kickpoint to help increase release speed on shots.
  • Shaft Geometry – SQUARE “T” GEOMETRY. This proven square-shaped design provides players with a traditional feel that provides great grip and control.
  • Blade - COMPOSITE STIFF BLADE. Carbon and fiberglass blade designed for great durability.
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