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CCM Next Junior Elbow Pads

CCM Next Junior Elbow Pads

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The CCM Next Junior Elbow Pads are engineered to deliver superior safety and protection through advanced design and high-quality materials. These pads feature a bicep guard with 2-piece articulated foam and a polyurethane insert for excellent protection and mobility. The forearm and attachment system, made from compress-molded EVA foam and a polyurethane insert with a 3-strap system, provide secure and reliable coverage.


Enhanced Bicep Guard

The bicep guard includes a 2-piece articulated foam design with a polyurethane insert, offering superior protection and flexibility.

Impact-Dispersing Elbow Cap

The JDP elbow cap combined with a polyurethane cap and donut ensures effective impact dispersion, safeguarding the elbow joint.

Robust Forearm Protection

The forearm guard is made from compress-molded EVA foam with a polyurethane insert, providing high-level protection and durability.

Secure Attachment System

A 3-strap system ensures the elbow pads stay firmly in place, offering a secure and comfortable fit during play.

Advanced Safety and Protection

The overall design and materials of the elbow pads provide reliable protection, making them a dependable choice for players.

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