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CCM Jetspeed FT4 Intermediate Hockey Skate

CCM Jetspeed FT4 Intermediate Hockey Skate

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The CCM Jetspeed FT4 ice hockey skate has an all-new design and highly advanced one-piece boot speed technology.

The CCM Jetspeed FT4 ice hockey skate has an all-new design and highly advanced one-piece boot speed technology. This model includes new technologies and excellent performance benefits for the player who skates 3-4 times per week and needs elite features at a lower price point.

  • One Piece Boot Speed quarter package for a closer fit for better performance
  • TotalDri liner that wicks away moisture for a dry and lightweight feel
  • Interchangeable, custom fitting Tongue
  • Asymmetrical toe cap helps improve fit
  • Step Steel runner with an increased height for longer lasting edges and increased speed
  • Lightweight composite midsole for enhanced energy transfer

Finding the right skate for you means finding the model that fits your foot best. If you’re unsure, or you’re looking for the most accurate measurement you can get, visit your local Pure Hockey. CCM’s Jetspeed line will now offer a tapered, regular or wide fit depending on your foot. This will allow for a customized feel, closer fit and faster strides. For a better understanding of the fitting system, check out our CCM performance fit system blog.

Like the FT4 Pro, CCM has built the Jetspeed FT4 with its all new highly advanced One-Piece Boot Speed technology. The lightweight RFM composite material is engineered for performance and acceleration, giving players a more direct energy transfer and a closer fit for faster strides. The carbon composite wraps under the boot and because of this, energy is no longer lost or absorbed by a glued and nailed outsole, but instead is now transferred directly through the boot to the ice. One main difference from the top-of-the-line FT4 Pro model is the boot stiffness and the slightly heavier skate in the FT4.

The FT4 features an asymmetrical toe cap. This design helps to reduce the overall volume of the skate, ideal for players who need that low-profile fit to play their best. The toe cap also helps to improve your push-off with each stride.

New to the 2021 Jetspeed line, and found in the AS3 Tacks skate line, is CCM’s XS Tongue that takes comfort and protection to an all-new level by making them interchangeable. You can switch out various tongue inserts to optimize feel and protection in your skate. The XS Tongue System gives the player options in thickness to either increase or decrease the inner boot volume to achieve the best fit.

CCM offers three different fits ranging from slim to thick. Your first custom tongue option is a thin 4mm thick option that will increase the boot volume and allow for more mobility. The next option is a 7mm standard volume tongue that will offer better protection and is up to 20% stronger than the stock tongue. Finally, a 10mm thick insert with D30 is available as well. This will decrease the boot volume, creating a snugger fight and better fighting lace bite.

The tongue inserts are for additional purchase. The Jetspeed FT4 comes with a high performing tongue of its own. The 7mm Tritech tongue features molded lace-bite protection. This tongue was first seen on the Jetspeed FT490 skates and provides enhanced comfort while also molding to your feet and high ankles for an improved overall feel.

Helping this custom feel is CCM’s Memory Foam pads and TotalDri liner. The multi-density foam pads wrap anatomically around your foot while the TotalDri liner helps the skater’s foot resist abrasions while also wicking away unvented moisture. This will also prevent lace bite and protect against wear or rubbing.

CCM’s Ortholite UltraLite footbed, which is found in the CCM 2020 Tacks line, is a new feature in the FT4 skates. This is a streamlined approach to the footbed that will save weight in key areas to make the skate lighter. In addition, it’s going to add comfort for the bottom of the foot and is built to release moisture out of the bottom of the boot to keep your foot dryer during play.

Rounding out this impressive skate is the Speedblade XS Holder and Step Steel runner. The SpeedBlade Xchange System, which is also found CCM’s top 2019 and 2020 models, has a positive-lock mechanism that tightly secures the blade to the holder and makes swapping out blades more efficient. Using this technology is as easy as rolling the BladeLock dial until you feel resistance, then popping the blade out. Place your new blade into the holder, turn back the dial, and you can be back in the game without missing a shift.

CCM’s Step steel runner is a high-quality steel that is constructed to be stronger and more durable than standard runners. The Step steel runner is also 4mm higher than regular runners and 2mm higher than the Jetspeed FT2 XS1 runner for a longer life span no matter how often you sharpen your skates.

CCM has poured several new technologies into the 2021 Jetspeed FT4 line that focus on performance and acceleration. If you’re looking for an elite skate that has top end technologies but at a lower price point, this is the skate for you.

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