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CCM Extreme Flex E6.5 Junior Goalie Pads

CCM Extreme Flex E6.5 Junior Goalie Pads

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The EFlex 6 is built upon a Dualitecore foundation for remarkable flexibility--with a design that allows for more give around the knees.

This pad provide maximum flexibility, giving you a pre-curved shape and a single inner and outer break in the core. Its angled knee rolls allow for true directional control, ensuring you get the most precise shot-blocking abilities. Keep your opponents at bay with these expertly crafted pads.

The CCM Extreme Flex E6.5 Junior Goalie Pads provide powerful reactivity and stability for maximum control in the crease. With a tight fit and Quick Motion Strap System 2 for optimal connectivity and position, you can move confidently to take on any challenge. An raised flat inside edge design delivers superior seal and stability for maximum performance.

The open design, removable knee cradle and Dynamic Response System (DRS) offer superior protection from impacts in the butterfly position. The one-piece landing zone ensures maximum resistance from repeated strikes. Feel safe and in control between the pipes.

The CCM Extreme Flex E6.5 Junior Goalie Pads feature a 90 degree angle with a shallow channel and an offset bungee toe system for improved range of motion and responsiveness. This design allows for better post seal and more powerful pushes for ultimate protection and performance.

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