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Brian's Optik X3 Intermediate Goalie Pads

Brian's Optik X3 Intermediate Goalie Pads

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The Brian's Optik X3 Intermediate Goalie Pads provide a lightweight and streamlined design perfect for a hybrid goalie. With a redesigned outer roll and flat, laceless design, the Optik X3 offers an 80 degree toe taper for improved five hole closure and an S curve to maximize flexibility and comfort.

Step up your game with Brian's Optik X3 Intermediate Goalie Pads. The Primo sliding edge provides the perfect balance of speed and durability, while the removable outer knee flap and dual option knee strap give you the flexibility to customize the fit to your preferences. Smart Cord strapping at the toe and Smart Boot strap complete the set for sophisticated performance. Ideal for advanced-level goaltenders.

Sizing Guide:

Using a measuring tape, start by measuring the distance from the outside of your ankle bone to the middle front of your knee cap, then take that number and double it for your base number, such as a measurement of 16" indicates 32 in 32+1. Next, the +1 is a standard measurement indicating the additional space above the knee and may vary for each company. If you are still unsure about sizing, the best thing to do is to size up using another pad as reference, or visit us in store!

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