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Bauer X Series Senior Hockey Stick

Bauer X Series Senior Hockey Stick

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Blade Pattern


The Bauer X Series Senior Hockey Stick is ideal for the recreational player who is looking to player their best game while having fun. Its lightweight design and mid-kick flex profile allow for effortless control and an enjoyable experience.


Recreational Level

Ideal for players who play casually or are new to the game, providing good performance without the high cost of professional-grade sticks.

Low Kick Point

This technology is designed for quick release shots, making it easier for players to shoot accurately and swiftly, improving overall shot performance.

UD Carbon Blade

The use of unidirectional carbon provides a durable and stiff blade, enhancing puck feel and shot precision, critical for developing players who need consistent performance.

490g Weight

A balanced weight that offers stability and ease of use for intermediate players, allowing them to improve their skills without feeling burdened by a heavy stick.

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