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Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Intermediate Goalie Pads

Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Intermediate Goalie Pads

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The Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Intermediate Goalie Pads are designed to perfect your goaltending. Featuring anatomically-correct leg and knee construction for added comfort and stability, they're engineered to keep you moving and performing your best. With these pads, you'll be ready to take your goaltending to the next level.


Hybrid Calf Support System

The single calf bracket provides stable mobility and support, ensuring the goalie's legs are well-protected during play.

Core Soft Flex

The core soft flex with new thin geometry allows for a full leg connection, enhancing flexibility and control.

CURV Stiff Thigh

The CURV stiff thigh design offers added stability and protection, particularly during intense movements.

Tune Fit Strap System

Featuring a new lower calf strap, this system ensures better leg connectivity and a secure fit.

Free-Flex Boot

The 110-degree free-flex boot design provides a soft and flexible feel, allowing for greater mobility and comfort.

Centered Elastic Toe System

This system ensures the toe stays centered, providing consistent performance and feel.


Designed to limit over-rotation while offering some flexibility, it enhances stability during gameplay.

CORTECH Calf Plate

The CORTECH calf plate, combined with a traditional leather front cover, ensures durability and a classic look.

Included Knee Wings

The pads come with knee wings in the box, providing additional protection and customization options.

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