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Bauer Vapor X Shift Pro Senior Hockey Skates (2023) - Source Exclusive

Bauer Vapor X Shift Pro Senior Hockey Skates (2023) - Source Exclusive

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Engineered for efficiency, the Source Exclusive Vapor X Shift Pro Senior 2023 hockey skates are outfitted with Bauer's advanced Powerfly holder, designed for dynamic movement and maximum agility.


Enhanced Speed and Agility

The POWERFLY holder and Fly-X steel combo provide superior acceleration due to the stiff front post, and the hyperbolic stability bar and flexible back post grant excellent balance and agility. 

Optimum Support and Energy Transfer

The CURV composite boot and DigiComp outsole provide unparalleled support and maximum energy transfer, optimizing your quickness and agility on the ice. 

Exceptional Comfort and Durability

Comfort is key, and the Bauer Vapor X Shift Pro delivers. Comfort Edge technology, a 48oz felt tongue, and the one-piece Hydrolite liner with wear patches ensure a snug fit with reduced discomfort. 

The Bauer Legacy

For over 25 years, the Bauer Vapor X Shift Pro has been an exclusive lineup at Source for Sports, representing a legacy of excellence and innovation. Elevate your game and embrace the Bauer difference today.

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