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Bauer Supreme Matrix Intermediate Hockey Skates (2022) with Pulse Steel

Bauer Supreme Matrix Intermediate Hockey Skates (2022) with Pulse Steel

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Intermediate Skate Size



No matter your budget or level of play, we’re experts at finding you the best value to fit your game. Our Source Exclusive lineup of skates, sticks and protective gear, are collaboratively designed with our vendor partners, to offer the Source for Sports consumer enhanced comfort and performance benefits to fit your game. These great value offerings are only found at Source for Sports.

Find what fits your game with our exclusive lineup of Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Matrix skates, designed with performance and comfort features to complement your style of play at the right price. We've listened to our customers and worked with Bauer to conceptualize, design, and manufacture these skates specifically for your budget and goals in mind – to gain an edge over your competition at the right price. Whether you’re new to the game, play for the fun of the game, or an upcoming star, at Source for Sports we'll find what fits your game.

The Bauer Supreme Matrix Intermediate Hockey Skates are designed for the elite-performance level hockey player with a combination of features to maximize your power and control on the ice, and is only found at Source For Sports.

Built for the elite-level hockey player, on the ice 3-5 times per week.

Powerful Strides - Pro-level support matched with a flexible tendon guard help to maximize power and energy transfer in every stride.

Boot Comfort - Comfort Edge technology, matched with the Pro Stock Felt tongue and Aerofoam+ ankle pads ensures overall boot comfort.

Performance Fit System - Available in 3 unique fits (Fit 1, Fit 2, Fit 3) so we can find the fit for your game.

Choose Your Steel - Better steel leads to better performance. Ask our experts about how we can help you improve your stride with enhanced steel and profiling options.


Bauer has evolved the skate-fitting process into a 3-dimensional fit system. Data from 800,000 player foot scans allowed us to create three fit profiles for both Supreme Skates (designed for skaters with a powerful stride) and Vapor Skates (designed for skaters with speed in mind).

Never fit into Supreme or Vapor skates? Now, you can.

The new 3D-fit system from Bauer Hockey allows everyone to wear what fits their game, not what skate their foot fits into.

  • Fit 1: low volume, narrow width.
  • Fit 2: medium volume, medium width.
  • Fit 3: high volume, high width.

Before you hit the ice, let us find what fits your game at Skater's Edge Source For Sports.

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