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Bauer Supreme Matrix Intermediate Hockey Gloves - Source Exclusive

Bauer Supreme Matrix Intermediate Hockey Gloves - Source Exclusive

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The Bauer Supreme Matrix Intermediate Hockey Gloves offer high-end protection and anatomical fit, perfect for competitive players. With professional-level technology and durability, you can be sure of a comfortable and reliable glove designed for shooting.


ShotBoost Fingers

Featuring a 3-piece segmented middle and ring finger design, these gloves provide optimal stick grip and increased shot precision, allowing for more accurate and powerful shots.

Dual Density Foam

Provides elite-level protection by keeping your hands safe from accidental slashes and high shots, ensuring you stay protected during intense gameplay.


Offers improved durability with an impressive feel throughout the entire hand, ensuring long-lasting performance and comfort during play.

2-Piece Flex Thumb

Allows for greater flexibility in your thumb, providing a more anatomical fit that enhances control and dexterity.


Helps to wick away sweat, keeping you fresh throughout the game. Additionally, the Nanosense liner in each finger provides the most comfortable fit on the ice

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