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Bauer Learn to Save Goalie Set

Bauer Learn to Save Goalie Set

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The Bauer Learn to Save Goalie Set is designed to help young, aspiring goalies transition smoothly from skaters to goalies, offering essential protective gear that is easy to use and adjust. This set includes everything needed for beginners to start playing goalie with confidence.


Wide Channel Leg Pads

Designed to fit over the top of existing shin pads, these leg pads allow for a quick transition from skater to goalie.

Hook and Loop Pad Straps

Allows for quick adjustments to achieve the perfect fit and eliminates the hassle of tying secure knots.

Free Hand Blocker

Fastens over existing hockey gloves for an easy transition to provide effective hand protection and control for goalies.

Padded Jersey

Worn over shoulder pads to increase upper-body protection. 

PRODIGY Style Catcher

Features a deep pocket and easy closure for effective puck catching, making learning how to catch pucks exciting and achievable.

Travel Bag

Conveniently fits all goalie gear, making it easy to transport.

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