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Bauer NLP21 Premium Neck Guard Collar Senior

Bauer NLP21 Premium Neck Guard Collar Senior

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The Bauer NLP21 Premium Neck Guard Collar Senior combines advanced protective technology with comfort and convenience, making it an ideal choice for serious hockey players seeking top-notch neck protection.


DuPont Kevlar Brand Fibers

Incorporates DuPont Kevlar fibers for superior cut-resistant protection, offering high-level defense against skate blades and other sharp objects on the ice.

HeiQ Fresh Technology

Prevents odor-causing bacteria, allowing the neck guard to stay fresh longer - wear it more and wash it less, maintaining hygiene with minimal effort.

Easy-Close Adjustable Collar

Features an easy-close mechanism for a customized fit and enhanced comfort, ensuring the neck guard stays securely in place during play.

Permanent Anti-Odour Feature

Equipped with a permanent anti-odor feature that refreshes after washing, ensuring the neck guard remains odor-free and fresh over multiple uses.


BNQ-, CE-, and UKCA-certified for neck laceration protection.

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