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Bauer Hyperlite Senior Helmet

Bauer Hyperlite Senior Helmet

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This is the most innovative helmet in sports with regards to design, fit, and function. It’s built for ultimate performance.

Bauer is once again looking to change the game with the Bauer Hyperlite Helmet. Engineered to further improve head protection while also improving on weight, the Hyperlite Helmet will excel in all-around performance and protection.

The Bauer Hyperlite Helmet is continuing the use of their advanced adjustment system, known as the FreeForm Adjustment System. This new system allows players to independently change the length and width of the helmet, depending on their preferences, providing unmatched comfort, fit, and protection. Offering up to 18 millimeters of adjustment, the Bauer Hyperlite Helmet will adjust to fit your head exactly how you like it.

For the comfort aspect of the Hyperlite Helmet, it features the new SHOCKLITE system that is built into all 5 key zones of the helmet. This will better adapt to your head shape and offer premium lightweight protection and comfort, without impacting performance.

Paired with SHOCKLITE is an optimized shell thickness and new high cut occipital, optimized comfort padding coverage which help the Hyperlite Helmet to be a 20% weight reduction over the RE-AKT 150. The molded memory foam XRD comfort liner along with low profile ear loops, and tool-less ear covers, allows the helmet to have premium coverage and protection against both high and low energy impacts.

Keeping players cool are the strategically placed moisture channels throughout the helmet. These channels help draw in cool air, keeping the players dry and comfortable throughout usage. These also assist in drying the helmet quicker when not in use.

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