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Accufli Zoro Z70 Floorball Stick

Accufli Zoro Z70 Floorball Stick

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The Accufli Zoro Z70 Floorball Stick is engineered for players looking to enhance their ball control and precision. Featuring a molded ball pocket, this stick allows for advanced tricks and superior ball handling. Its unique wide-spot design is perfect for ball juggling, giving players more versatility during gameplay. Additionally, the enlarged sweet zone ensures accurate shots, making this stick a formidable tool for any floorball enthusiast. Shaft length of 32 inches/81cm.


Molded Ball Pocket

Molded ball pocket enhances ball control and allows for advanced tricks.

Wide-Spot Design

The wide-spot design is ideal for ball juggling, offering increased versatility.

Enlarged Sweet Zone

The enlarged sweet zone ensures more accurate and precise shots.

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