Collection: All Goalie Equipment

When it comes to the thrilling world of hockey, the role of a goalie is undeniably pivotal. A hockey goalie stands as the last line of defense, making their equipment crucial not only for performance but also for protection. Whether you're a mother looking to equip your son or daughter for her first match or seeking gear for your own adventures on the rink, choosing the right goalie equipment can be a game-changer.

Skater's Edge Source for Sports Offers a Full Selection of Equipment to Protect The Goalie In Your Life

At Skater's Edge Source for Sports, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive collection of goalie equipment, curated from globally recognized brands to guarantee quality and durability. Our extensive assortment ranges from protective helmets and gear to high-performance goalie pads and skates, meticulously designed to optimize the goalie's safety and performance.

The Best Hockey Brand Selection for Goalies


A trusted name in the world of hockey, CCM offers a wide variety of goalie gear, from protective helmets to high-performance pads. A go-to name for both amateur and professional goalies alike.


Bauer provides a comprehensive range of goalie equipment that boasts innovation and quality. Their gear is designed to optimize performance and safety.


Known for their cutting-edge designs and emphasis on comfort, Warrior offers goalie equipment that is both durable and sleek. Their collection includes helmets, chest protectors, and goalie pads among other essentials.


A favourite among top-level goalies, Vaughn provides a wide array of goalie equipment. Their products are engineered for maximum mobility and protection, ensuring that goalies can step onto the ice with confidence.

Types of Hockey Equipment for Goalies

The key categories of hockey goalie equipment fall into four primary areas: Head and Neck Protection, Body Protection, Leg Protection, and Goalie Sticks.

Head and Neck Protection:

This category encompasses the goalie masks, throat protector, and neck guard, designed to safeguard the goalie from potentially injurious headshots and neck impacts.

Body Protection

This category includes the goalie pads like chest, arm protectors, and goalie pants which provide cushioning from high-speed pucks.

Leg Protection

This focuses on gear such as goalie pads, skates, and knee protectors to guard against lower body injuries.

Goalie Sticks

These specialized goalie sticks help block shots and control the puck during play.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Goalie Equipment

Choosing the right goalie equipment is not only pivotal for performance but also for personal safety. Whether you play at a junior or intermediate level, investing in premium brands like Bauer, CCM, Warrior, and Vaughn can make a significant difference in your performance. These brands are recognized members of the hockey community, trusted by goalies worldwide for their unique styles and quality.

For example, Bauer, a brand known for innovative gear, ensures safety with their catch gloves (catchers), designed to withstand hard, high-speed pucks. Meanwhile, CCM stands out with their focus on comfort and mobility, offering goalie equipment catered to all play styles. Warrior, another esteemed brand, stocks a variety of goalie gear. Their sleek and durable design makes them a favorite among players who want equipment that can withstand rigorous practice and play. Vaughn, a brand previously known for their unique style, carries a wide range of hockey gear. Catchers, blockers and pads that ensure a confident catch to goalie equipment designed for maximum protection, they cater to every goalie's needs.

At Skater's Edge Source for Sports, we wait to assist you in choosing the perfect piece of equipment. We understand the importance of playing in gear that not only fits your position but also aligns with your personal style. Our shop boasts an extensive stock of goalie equipment, ensuring that you'll find everything you need for a safe and successful game.