Twig Tuesday Season 2 Premiere: Unveiling the CCM JetSpeed FT7 Pro

Twig Tuesday Season 2 Premiere: Unveiling the CCM JetSpeed FT7 Pro

Twig Tuesday Season 2 Premiere: Unveiling the CCM JetSpeed FT7 Pro

Welcome back to Twig Tuesday! We’re kicking off Season 2 with a bang, and what better way to start than by diving into the latest and greatest from CCM? Hockey enthusiasts, prepare to be thrilled because the CCM JetSpeed FT7 Pro is here, and it’s ready to revolutionize your game.

Major Upgrades and Innovations

CCM has truly outdone themselves with the FT7 Pro, integrating cutting-edge technology and design elements to deliver a stick that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Here’s a detailed look at what makes the CCM JetSpeed FT7 Pro stand out from its predecessors and competitors.

All-New RR-110 X-Soft Helicoid Blade

One of the most significant upgrades in the CCM JetSpeed FT7 Pro is the introduction of the RR-110 X-Soft Helicoid blade. This new blade construction features smaller gaps in the carbon fiber layers, enhancing the overall durability without compromising performance. The smaller gaps mean the blade retains its "pop" much longer, providing consistent shot accuracy and power over extended use. Whether you’re a sniper aiming for the top corner or a playmaker delivering precise passes, this blade is designed to keep you at the top of your game.

Hybrid Kickpoint

Versatility is key in modern hockey sticks, and the CCM JetSpeed FT7 Pro’s hybrid kickpoint delivers just that. This innovative design merges the best of both worlds, allowing for powerful slapshots and accurate wrist shots with seamless ease. The hybrid kickpoint responds to the type of shot you’re taking, providing optimal flex and energy transfer regardless of the situation on the ice. This means more powerful slapshots from the blue line and quicker, more accurate wrist shots in tight spaces.

Nanolite Shield Carbon Layering

The shaft of the CCM JetSpeed FT7 Pro is engineered with the Nanolite Shield Carbon Layering design. This advanced construction technique uses variable carbon layer thickness to strike the perfect balance between durability and weight. The result is a shaft that is lighter than ever without sacrificing strength, giving players a stick that feels incredibly balanced and responsive in their hands.

Slight Weight Reduction and STP Carbon Weave

Weight reduction is always a welcomed improvement, and the JetSpeed FT7 Pro doesn’t disappoint. Thanks to CCM’s signature STP carbon weave, the FT7 Pro is lighter than the previous FT6 model. This reduction in weight can make a significant difference in gameplay, allowing for quicker reactions and less fatigue over the course of a game or practice.

Sleek New Paint Job

Last but not least, the CCM JetSpeed FT7 Pro sports an all-new sleek black and red design. This modern and stylish look is not only eye-catching but also adds a psychological edge. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you play even better. The JetSpeed FT7 Pro ensures you’ll be turning heads both on and off the ice.


The CCM JetSpeed FT7 Pro is more than just a hockey stick; it’s a testament to innovation and dedication to the sport. From the revolutionary RR-110 X-Soft Helicoid blade to the hybrid kickpoint, every aspect of this stick is designed to enhance performance and durability. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring talent, the JetSpeed FT7 Pro is sure to elevate your game.

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