Project X

Project X

The Project X stick is a limited edition release from True Hockey. It joins a high-class club of high-end sticks with new technology that gives it an incredible feel and stability. Weighing only 355 grams for a 60” length stick, the new Project X is starting off the 2021 hockey stick introduction with a boom.

As soon as we got our sticks, every one of our hockey staff were excited to try the newest piece from True, and really put it through the gauntlet. We needed to make sure that the claims coming from True, and True’s professional athletes, actually checked out. Needless to say, we were not let down.

Many pros are using this stick such as: Mitch Marner, Tyler Bertuzzi, Natalie Spooner, Ryan Johansen, Cody Glass, and many more! Check out this video.

A lot of research and development went into the creation of this stick. Using some of the cutting-edge expertise from the 2020 AX9. True hockey has made the lightest stick to date, giving Project X an effortless loading and quick release!

True used the lightest carbon fiber in the shaft and blade of the stick, which they’ve never done before. Fun fact: the material used to make Project X are 23% lighter than the typical higher end hockey stick.

PLD- Precision Laminate Design

PLD is the creation of fiber angles which provides stiffness and influence power with every layer. Making the most sense of PLD is allowing burden reduction without lacking a loss of impact strength. Which is why the Project X is such a powerful tool in the game of hockey.

BRT+ Technology- Braided Rib Technology

True stuck with the positive reviews on using BRT+ from the AX9 stick, and included it in the creation of Project X. The low kick point, and critical blade being so sturdy and resilient, making no loss of vitality through a shot transmission.

Axenic Technology

True remains using axenic technology. The continuous compression molded shaft structure process will give you an incredible feel for the puck. You will notice this feeling when you first start stick handling with Project X.

What do we think?

Our experts’ immediate fascination for Project X was not misplaced. The stick offers a huge level of confidence and control, moving as if it was an extension of your own hands. Taking into account the previous sticks that our employee Tyler has tried this year, the Project X quickly made a lasting impression. “I found that this stick made me feel like I could do anything. It didn’t feel like I could be limited on the ice in a game time situation. I can make my passes crisper, I can make the move with more confidence, I can take the shot in tight, these are situations I never could have done before.”

Final Say

As soon as you pick up this stick you will instantly be amazed! The research and development behind stick technologies will forever amaze us! We love everything about this stick including the chrome black and blue graphic look of the stick. If you are a True fan already, you know you want this stick. Those of you looking to make the switch or try something new, treat yourself to the True Project X stick this season! Come test it out in store or curb-side, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Project X. Call us at 705 566 1422, DM us on Instagram, Facebook, or email

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