Must have products at the odr

Must Haves to Improve Your Skills at the ODR

Blue Sports Hockey Triangular Passing Aid:

The Blue Sports Triangular Pass-Aid helps improve your passing skills. With three sides, this product is great for team off-ice training as more than one player can use it at the same time. The rubber around the side of the triangle passes the puck back to the player. The best part about the passing tool is you don’t have to just use it on ice, it can also be used in your basement, driveway, garage, shooting pad, etc. So you can also be trying to improve your game!

Blue Sports Speed Radar:

You’ll never know if your shot is getting quicker unless you get the Blue Sports Speed Radar! It has an adjustable angle to provide highly accurate readings for your hardest slap shots! This product is ideal for measuring movement or puck/ball speed in most any sport!

Blue Sports Ultimate Stick Handling Aid:

Our Blue Sports Hockey Stickhandling Training Aid is the ultimate training tool for hockey players and is one of our best sellers for a reason. With its slick design, you can configure it to accommodate a large variety of stickhandling positions and drills.

Whether you are a minor hockey coaching running skill development sessions on the ice for your players, an off-ice skills coach, hockey academy, or an athlete at home, the Blue Sports Hockey Stickhandling Training Aid will bring the most out of your game and help create those silky-soft hands.

Blue Sports One-Timer Passer:

Practicing one timers all on your own has never been easier! This product easily attaches to any shoot pad or dryland tiles/synthetic ice. While everyone else is waiting to get back to playing hockey, you will already be ahead of the game with a stellar one-timer ready to go!

To find more options to keep you busy and improve your skills at the ODR, head to our ODR collection now

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