Elite Blade Performance Skate Sharpening

Elite Blade Performance Skate Sharpening

Skating stands out as one of the most crucial skills in hockey. Consequently, if your skates fall short, they can significantly impede your performance on the ice. It's essential to ensure their proper maintenance and sharpening to extend their lifespan and enhance your gameplay. 

Sharpening your hockey skates is an important component of hockey equipment upkeep, frequently drawing parallels to the significance of maintaining a car's tires. Similar to how a well-kept car exhibits better handling on the road, appropriately sharpened skates can have a substantial impact on a player's performance on the ice.

In Northern Ontario we take hockey very seriously, that’s why we committed to investing in the best skate sharpening machine there is. ELITE Blade Performance Technology, is a Quebec-based manufacturer, that specializes in crafting high-precision skate blade profilers and groundbreaking, computer-controlled, fully automated skate blade sharpeners. Currently, ELITE boasts the world's leading system for ensuring consistent and precise blade performance. Moreover, it is the sole automated sharpener that guarantees the preservation of your blade's shape without any degradation. Elite Blade Performance skate sharpening machines are used by some of the best players in the world. Many NHL teams use this skate sharpening and profiler because it gives their players the best possible edge. 

In our comprehensive blade care system, ELITE integrates cutting-edge technologies to elevate your skating experience:

The E-P3 Profiler: This tool ensures precise and customized profiling, offering the market's most extensive selection of profiles. Tailor your blade to perfection with confidence. 

The E-S4 Automated Sharpener: As the sole fully-computerized, automated sharpening machine, it consistently preserves the blade profile without compromise. Enjoy the peace of mind that your blade's shape remains intact with every sharpening session.

Key Features:

-A consistent radius of hollow, which determines how much the blade bites into the ice.

-A perfectly centered groove down the middle of the blade, so that the edges are both the same height.

-A uniform removal of steel along the entire length of the blade, so as not to distort and degrade the profile of the blade.

Together, the E-P3 blade profiler and the E-S4 skate sharpening system mark a groundbreaking leap in the realm of blade preparation, revolutionizing the science behind optimal skating performance. To learn more about the ELITE Blade Performance Technology head to: https://eliteperformancetech.com/ 

To play your best it starts with a properly fitted skate, and a proper skate sharpening. If you are having issues with your skates, bring them into our store and our experts will make sure you leave happy and comfortable to play your best game!

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