Twig Tuesday Presents: The Battle of the Low-Kick Sticks

Twig Tuesday Presents: The Battle of the Low-Kick Sticks

The Battle of the Low-Kick Sticks

Every week Skater’s Edge presents our customers with an in depth review and demonstration of our favorite hockey sticks. This segment, known by our viewers as Twig Tuesday, gives curious hockey players a brief demonstration and testimonial in a glance, with the goal of developing awareness about the options that they have when it comes to the latest and greatest hockey sticks. 

In this edition, we showcase the Battle of the Low-Kick Sticks. Unlike their mid-kick counterparts, low-kick sticks are designed to flex near the blade, resulting in lightning-fast releases and enhanced shot control. The reason for this design is to allow for players to generate lots of power with little effort, specifically for snapshots, wrist shots, and deflections. In this edition of Twig Tuesday, we take our audience into a deeper dive of the features, benefits and drawbacks of 5 potential low-kick options.

5) CCM Ribcore Trigger 8 Pro

At the top of our list is the CCM Ribcore Trigger 8 Pro. This model was designed specifically with a quick shot release in mind, utilizing the low kickpoint to ensure speed and accuracy at every shot. The Trigger 8 pro comes equipped with Nanolite Shield shaft technology that sets out to improve overall durability without adding additional weight. Perhaps most impressive is the energy transfer produced by the ergonomic "E" geometry, which allowed for an extremely powerful shot. 

4) Warrior QR5 Pro

Next up is the Warrior QR5 Pro. Shots are made more powerful with an edge taper that allows for the stick’s flex to focus energy through the hosel. With the Minimus Carbon UD construction, this stick is also lighter and tougher than previous models. The QR5 Pro’s genius design is tied together with Fuelcore Ultra, a newly redesigned blade made from a lightweight polymer core and a Minimus Carbon 25 weave surrounding it. This blade promises durability and an increased feel of the puck at a lighter weight than ever. 


Claiming the third spot is a fan favorite: the True HZRDUS PX stick. The stick is designed with  strategic rib placement in the blade. Because of this, the blade is able to match impact points, which we noticed allowed for an extremely stable and powerful shot. Along with increased puck control and power, we loved how the HZRDUS PX correctly incorporated their RESLO technology, which made the shaft feel extremely light weight, without the feeling that we would easily break it. After testing many True offerings over the years, we can confidently say that this is the lightest stick from them yet. 

2) Bauer Hyp2rlite

Falling into second place is the Bauer Hyp2rlite (Hyperlite 2). Weighing an entire 25 grams lighter than its predecessor, The Hyperlite 2 felt incredible in our hands. The strength of the ACL 2.0 Technology put our minds to rest as we continually embraced puck battles and hard shots without worry of the stick breaking. For the blade, the Hyperlite 2 utilizes a carbon bridge that feels sturdy and noticeably increases the power of our shots. Repped by players such as Jack Hughes and Patrick Kane, the Hyperlite 2 is an obvious choice for goal scoring forwards.

1) True Project X

It was a difficult decision, however the True Project X has reached the top of our list. Featuring many similar attributes to its counterpart, the HZRDUS PX, it was an extremely difficult decision. However, we decided to place the Project X first as we feel it caters to a broader range of players with its balance of performance, feel and control.The lightning quick release and smooth feel makes the Project X the perfect middle ground between a low and mid kick stick. 

The Verdict

In the battle of the low-kick sticks, each contender brings its own unique strengths to the table. While it was incredibly difficult to decide on a single winner, we feel that the True Project X really defines what it means to utilize the quick release and accuracy that a low kick stick provides. No matter your price point or brand preference, there is a low kick stick perfect for anyone on this list. Don’t just take our word for it, come feel them for yourself at Skater’s Edge Source for Sports!

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