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Easton Thing Loaded USSA Slo-Pitch Bat

Easton Thing Loaded USSA Slo-Pitch Bat

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Introducing the Easton Thing Loaded USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat- a formidable tool for power hitters. Featuring a Multi-Triple Wall Insert Design and ConneXion technology to optimise barrel flex, plus a 12.75" barrel and Ti7 Wrought Aluminum handle for greater swing speed and comfort. Power Boost Soft Knob technology and 2-piece construction provides ultimate power, boosted launch angles and improved whip.

Get the Easton THING for maximum performance in USSSA slow pitch. Precision crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, it delivers explosive power and a massive sweet spot to help you hit farther and harder. The performance enhanced grip and end cap add to the bat's stability and balance, helping you send balls flying. 34" Total Length.

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