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Bauer AG5NT Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick (2022)

Bauer AG5NT Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick (2022)

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The latest Bauer innovation is more than just another advanced stick – it’s the start of a new chapter in hockey. Years in the making and built inside an ultra-classified corridor at the Bauer innovation lab, AG5NT contains a top-secret material “Boron” that dares to change the game we know forever.

Boron is a revolutionary material used in extreme aerospace and defensive aeronautics industries applications due to its versatility in strength, torsion control, and weight reduction. Re-engineered for hockey, Boron delivers two key factors: optimal stiffness and compression strength – allowing Bauer to create the lightest Bauer stick ever with the quickest release they've ever tested. This combination alone, makes Boron the most dangerous element soon to hit the ice.

Outside of the aerospace and defensive aeronautics industries, Bauer is the only brand in hockey holding exclusive rights with Specialty Materials Inc. – the only manufacturer in the world fusing BORON fibers with high-grade carbon fibers – making AG5NT unlike anything else in the game. When it comes to getting the puck off the blade faster, there simply is no comparison to AG5NT.

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